Stuff Drummers should know

James add stuff as comments on this post. Please, no cheap shots from the pipers on here

9 thoughts on “Stuff Drummers should know”

  1. I’m still getting to grips with this new format James so just breenge right in and try and break it. When your more confided I’ll initiate you into the world of “Moderation”

  2. I couldn’t find the morse code section of the webpage so will put drumming stuff here. Sunday night saw a lot of hard work being put into the competition set especially the new tune “The atholl and Breadalbane Gathering”. It is beginning sound better but there is a long way to go yet. Bobby was pleased and nearly forgot himself by praising us. He recovered just in time.
    We will need more of the same over the next few weeks.
    James (lead drummer)

  3. From now on those wanting to compete need to be down thursdays at 7.15pm and sundays 6.30pm ( with drums ,Ewan) Bobby will be there on thursdays rather than sundays for the next few weeks. Have a look over the greenwoodside set as well as the current competition set.

  4. An excellent performance from the band on sunday in Steeple square. Well done to the young pipoers( and Mike) playing in public for the first time. I was very pleased with the “new look” drum corps too. I thought it sounded good.Keep it up everyone. Competition pracrice on thursday 7.15pm( for drummers).
    Noone has got back to me yet with a note of drums hiding in attics etc. Please check what you have so that I can compile a full inventory. ( ie make a list Stewart)

  5. A disappointing result on sunday at Gourock highland games ,to say the least. The only way is up as they say. Lots of work to do before the Scottish championships.

  6. The long awaited new drums should be here by friday . They wont be ready for Helensburgh but we will have them set up for Annan.

  7. I have a sad tale of new drums to tell. The aforesaid long awaited drums arrived on monday but they were not what we ordered ( not even close) ie not pipeband snares . Pearl had got it wrong.
    The good news is that they are exchanging them for what we do want by the end of the week. all will be explained tomorrow. we will not have them ready for annan but i have got louise and Michael’s drums in working order as well as Bobby’s so we will have enough for France and Annan.

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