Rhino Edwards, Top Bloke

Last night (7th March) saw the Bungalow Bar, Paisley, full of bandsmen and their partners and friends for a night of Rock and Roll. This could have been the first time this century that some of them had been on a date with their partners and what a night to choose. Mrs Broons man had arranged for Rhino Edwards, bass player from Status Quo, to play the only Scottish gig on his European tour as a fundraiser for the Band. We were there early to do the sound checks and stand around gawping. Word on the street is that the great man wants to do “something” with the band so we aren’t just there to watch and we have a slot in the program. I however missed practice on Thursday and knew none of this, nae pipes again!

(Puts on MusicScramble review head) The first act of the night was The Charge, a four piece rock band fronted by Adam Parkins with Max Edwards on drums and Freddie Edwards on guitar and Matthew Starrit playing sit down bass. They played good solid 5 track set (3 from their new EP) of guitar driven rock, good stuff. The second act were Renfrewshire’s very own Ten Bob Sliders, these guys are a staple on the local music circuit and play well crafted covers of all the great rock that gets your toes tapping. A couple of head bangers began playing air guitar along with the guys, they were that good. Next up the pipes and drums of Kilbarchan Pipe Band, they played a storming Farewell to the Creeks and then had the room bouncing to Scotland the Brave, I was a bit concerned that the guys would be hard pushed to be heard over the racket the crowd were making, what with being acoustic and all that. No worries, I’d forgotten how loud a pipe band is when confined in a pub. The star act of the evening sauntered on stage, wine in hand, and beckoned us to draw near. John (Rhino) Edwards is venerated by Status Quo fans, of which there were more than a few in the room, and Rhino’s Revenge is what he does when he’s not doing his day job. His band appear to be The Charge minus Adam Parkins, the Edwards boys are Rhino’s sons and Matt Starrit has switched to rhythm guitar. The genre is rock, the tempo fast and the volume loud. The head bangers are going mental and even try some air harmonica (that’s a moothie to you and me), we are treated to some wonderful guitar licks from Freddie and Rhino seems to be loving the intimacy of the venue. Everyone is singing along and the Medic was seen dancing. As part of the encore a number of pipers are ushered to the front of the stage and Rhino’s Revenge play the only Quo track of the night, Burning Bridges, with Brian Knight and the Kilbarchan Allstars playing the riff. Thank God Stoo videoed it, they were awesome. I believe Rhino and the guys signed one of our Bass drum skins and raffled it, I hope it went to a good home.

We as a band owe a lot of people a huge debt of gratitude for putting this show on tonight; Graham and Lorna Brown for organising and facilitating it, The Bungalow Bar for hosting it, the musicians and techies and the crowd for getting behind it.
The Charge
Ten Bob Sliders
Rhino’s Revenge
However we send a huge Thank You to  Rhino Edwards for doing this for us. Top Bloke

And as for you lot…. Sanquhar in 20 days

Cannae wait..


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