Garden Centres and Subway Stations

By Coinneach Combe at the News Desk

On a fine Saturday afternoon Kilbarchan Pipe Band travelled to Gourock to play for our supporters at Cardwell Garden Centre. The weather stayed dry and the midges were not too hungry as we entertained the customers and staff with several sets of music with stops to storm the café ramparts. The pipers even obliged to an impromptu request to play Flower of Scotland for a couple who had got married to said tune. Never let it be said Kilbarchan Pipe Band doesn’t do audience engagement well.
Then an élite team of band members, friends and family gathered in Waxy O’ Connors in Glasgow due to its proximity to Buchanan Street Subway Station, the first stop for our Subcrawl. Time was already against us as it was about 5 o’ clock and subcrawls sensibly start about lunchtime. After a spot of linguistic debate Coinneach a’ Sporain (Coinneach the sporran), was put in charge of the kitty after the first drinks were purchased. Impressively he managed to get the order right in at least half of the pubs we visited, this figure would likely have been less impressive had a smartphone not been to hand.
So we were off on our journey where bar staff and customers alike greeted us in a friendly manner and inevitably we met up with other subcrawlers on the way.

In The Laurieston Bar near Bridge Street station we were invited to pour our own mixers into our drinks then after serving us the barman emerged from behind the bar to take a picture of us and chat about the local St Francis Xavier band. At many stops on our journey we were pleasantly surprised not only by the warm welcome but also how reasonably priced the drinks (soft and alcoholic) were.
A stop for some solid sustenance at a fast food venue on Paisley Road West led to possibly the quote of the evening when Izzy asked while looking at an incomplete sign:
“What’s an urrie?”
A few stops later and time forced us to call a halt to our sub crawl at Cowcaddens McConnel’s bar where we took over the jukebox and inevitably dancing to YMCA was initiated.
Hopefully we’ll be able to complete a sub crawl in the not too distant future but meanwhile make sure you join us at one of forthcoming events in our packed calendar. Exciting times!

Thanks to Coinneach for Guest Reporting. The next biggie is the Beetle Drive/Bring and Buy Sale on Saturday 3rd October. I’ve no idea what is is either, why not pop along to the Scout Halls and find out.

Cannae wait..


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