Beetle Driving, a young yins game

When it was announced that we were having a Beetle Drive as a fund raiser many people assumed the 60’s had joined the committee and our next venture would be a Tea Dance.

As there would be no tents required I’d decided to attend to see the thing in action having never previously witnessed one, the rules were a mystery which I was made to read to see if they made sense before they were writ large on the wall. The Unelected Social Committee had pulled the stops out for this, there was a huge selection of stuff at the Bring and Buy and the pile of sweeties and juice was dwarfed only by the mountain of sandwiches and cakes.

The evening began with a few glasses of social loosener for the adults and vast amounts of sugar for the weans. The hall was filling up nicely and not just with the usual suspects, it was a huge pleasure to meet old friends and catch up. I have to admit to being wrong here. I had in my mind’s eye a hall full of pipers and drummers adding another odd experience to their myriad of other oddities but it was oversubscribed and there were a few who didn’t get to play. After The Medic explained the rules it was all hands to the dice and the mayhem began. Dice were frantically thrown, snatched, hurled and cursed, deformed beetles slowly took shape and the sounds of glee filled the hall. Someone shouts, “Beetle!”  and everyone groans, Wee Jo adjudicates and the next game begins. You could actually see people amazed at how much fun they were having.

After six games a truce was called and everyone headed for the buffet, once again the New Band Baker had excelled and I take my hat off to her. There was so much we actually decided to use one or two cakes as raffle prizes since Richard Heywood (named and shamed) opened the biscuits that were an actual raffle prize. A few cups of tea and glasses of wine later the pairs piled back to the tables to resume combat but first the raffle. My whisky winning streak continued to the calls of “Fix” and many people won many pointless things and I hope Andreana enjoys her new portable barbeque, quality prizes!

Once again the level of hilarity in the games hall grew in volume, the kids were loving it. They could throw, comprehend the result and either draw a leg or pass the dice to the other pair before most of the adults had focused on the spots. All too soon the games were over and Wendy was dispatched with her calculator (addition is a mystery to the woman) to tote up the scores and discover the winners. Everyone had gravitated to the Wee Front Hall, bar a few children doing handstands in the Big Hall, and the volume of wine and whisky disappearing was quite awe inspiring to observe. There was a proper Saturday Night Party vibe in the air, the general consensus seemed to be; we like this, let’s do it again.

As James the Hat slew the bottle of malt he’d brought and weans zoomed about people’s feet Wendy and Jo arrived with the results; youth and ability had triumphed over old aged and cynicism. Emma T and Amber were the overall winners with Lucy and her Gran winning the Booby prize. People began to drift away until guess what? Only the band remained. Again.

Our next adventure is the Albert Bag Pack at Tesco, Linwood on 24th October, the band will be playing so why not pop along and introduce yourself; you will be given a till and told to pack.

Cannae wait..


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