Nothing to see, move along

So what do you write about when nothing is happening?

Good question. When I say nothing is happening I mean on the surface, behind the scenes there are frantic efforts to coordinate the trip to Albert, France next year. It’s pronounced Al-bear and is the nearest town to the jumping off point for troops heading to the battle of the Somme (1916), not the Pipey’s Auld Uncle as some may have thought. The plan is to take fifty pipers/drummers and their mums to Al-bear to help the toon cooncil commemorate the awful day and to remember those who fell. This year James the Hat found the grave of a Kilbarchan lad at Contalmaison and I believe we plan to lay a wreath in conjunction with the local Scouts.

The fund raising is in full swing as we plan to subsidise the travel costs so everyone who wants to go can go, regardless of socio-economic background. The French are looking after us once we get there and the reports from the last visit in 2011 speak very highly of the Gallic hospitality, especially the pomegranate fire water. We have a donation button on the Welcome to page for any of you looking for a good cause to support.

Foreby that, the only other thing was Mrs Brown teaching us tunes as Pipey made excuses for not being there even more transparent than Basso’s for not paying his Stornoway Black Pudding bill. I have to report a very quiet practice on Thursday, Dolomite Dave failed to do a triple salchow while entering the hall, Derek wasn’t there to be given a hard time, no one said, “I’ve got feelings you know” and although Andy arrived late and left early he did attend and was even seen holding a practice chanter. The really big news and I know Davey won’t believe this but I bought a round. In a pub. With money. I felt really grown up too.

Bag packing in Tesco next

Cannae wait..

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