Every Little Helps

Saturday was being pushed by the Albert Committee, a three line whip was in place, everyone going to Albert next June should be at Tesco, Linwood by 11am for a day of bag packing joy. The weather looked cold and horrible, big dark clouds and a biting wind. The pipers were being tuned in the entrance vestibule when I arrived.  Due to the arcane law of diminishing returns, which states that the distance to an event is inversely proportional to your arrival time, I was late.  Andy who practically lives in the car park was last to show.

Pipey unexpectedly got us into marching order to the consternation of The Medic who having donned the black strap and red beaters of the Tenor section had never done ‘The Marching’. He wasn’t the worst but when you countermarch and suddenly you’re faced with a wall of vacillating drummers bearing down on you it causes a moment’s panic. It was like the Dashing White Sergeant when nobody knows which arch to go under. A wag in the crowd noted he did very well as he was the only one in step. After we had warmed up the instruments we did a very silly thing, we tuned the chanters at the front door and it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise when we got chased outside. After splitting into two bands we played a brief couple of sets before retiring for a coffee and letting the other half have a blast. The paucity of drummers meant they had to play in both bands with short breaks for popcorn and packing bags.

Inside the packing was steady and we had plenty of volunteers, I really can’t thank enough those who gave up their time to help, a huge thanks also to the Manager and Staff of Tesco for hosting us and to the people of Linwood for their generosity. The people on the door noticed that the donations flooded in while we were playing so after Pipey and New Michael had played Neil decided I was playing a solo.

Neil: Give us a slow air

Me: Naw

Neil: come over here ’til I tune you up.

Me: Eh! Okay *strikes up pipes

Neil: Aye that’s sounding fine, keep playing.

So after my solo I went in search of another soloist, Melissa drew the short straw but when we got her outside her pipes were so out of tune the local cats were throwing boots at her. Meanwhile at the coalface the packing had become fast and furious, even Lewis was drafted in to help at one point and Evan helped make sure he didn’t put the eggs in first. After an amazingly fast six hours we packed up and began heading home although there were an awful lot of folk in MacLeod of Harris kilts pushing trolleys along the aisles, all we needed was Grant Stott and we could have had Scottish Supermarket Sweep. Anyone who couldn’t make it but wants to donate can do so via our Paypal donations button on the Welcome page or CLICK HERE to give us the change down the back of your sofa cushions. We raised £1076, give yourselves a massive slap on the back.

Our next big adventure is the Fancy Dress Cèilidh on the 6th of November.

Cannae wait..

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