2015 stats and stuff

There appears to have been great anticipation of a KPB blog on the 2nd as there were 130 visitors to the site, this is unprecedented and is 30% up on the times I actually publish stuff. This blog began in 2011 as a sort of message board to get band related issues out to the members, there were 5 posts in that year with 1,175 views and no visitors. 1,175 views by me equals  Saddo. The fact that the next two years saw zero posts could be attributed to the lack of readership and clear idea of what the blog was about.

2014 was the year of the vision, “I will write about our days out for those who can’t make it.” The second idea was to write a pipeband blog that didn’t get bogged down in the musical/technical side of piping, loads of folk do that really well. 495 people visited the site to catch up on the goings on of a Grade 4B pipe band that nobody had ever heard of.

Now 2015 is a bit scarey, we had more visitors and views in 2015 than all the previous years combined, 4,442. Although the bulk are from the UK we are still big in Japan, USA, France, Netherlands, Spain, in fact 33 countries, the plan for world domination is back on. It always did my heart good to see Iraq flash up. Then I knew Big Davey was still alive.

2015 was our best ever year as a competition band and the drama has been reflected in the blog; the loss of the Stewarts, Mikey’s arrival, a beetle drive, did anyone count how many times Melissa left and rejoined the band? And now it’s 2016 many of the band have been welcoming in the New Year in that fine old Kilbarchan Pipe Band fashion. James the Hat stood on a lochside in the hissing rain with fish laughing at his flies, the Festival of Phlegm that was my family dinner went on for 2 days before the pie was finished and the Pipey and Drum Sergeant enticed naughty pipers and drummers to the Park Bar for an all day session.

I hope 2016 is kind to you and I look forward to Thursday 7th January for the first practice of the new year.

Cannae wait..

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