February Blues

February is finally over, the last 3 days have been glorious to try and make us forget the other 26 miserable, storm cold, dark horror stories. The band have been in the practice rooms ironing out technicalities and getting match fit for Sanquhar which is in 3 weeks time, I think the extra day has lulled a few players into a false sense of security.  

But more than Sanquhar there is the repertoire for France; 9 sets of tunes to be learned from scratch in some cases and dredged from deep memory in others. We need to be good, I for one don’t plan on travelling all the way to France to play an early ‘E’, I can do that at  any number of competitions just up the road.  The drummers are working just as hard and can now walk and flam at the same time, Big Gordy was even sighted holding a drum. It was in its case but fair play to the big man he is trying. There is talk of getting the Glenleven to put on free lasagne on practise nights to try and tempt Big Davey along.

Still on a Gallic theme there are a couple of fundraisers organised for the next 2 months. The Beetle Drive referred to in the last instalment was cancelled due to our good friend Mrs Broon’s Man organising a Status Quo themed event (see Image below) about the same time. I believe we are the support act, should I wear my sequined shirt and Gogo boots or just put on the Elvis onesie?

On the 19th of March we have a Curry and Quiz Night, I have been assured that the only questions about curry will be, “What kind do you want?” It’s £10 entry, £5 for weans. That gets you in and a curry and with the Medic on the questions and the band running the bar it should be a riotous affair. Order your tickets through the Facebook page or get them from Committee members. Who can be recognise by their ‘put upon’ look and  large black crosses painted on their front doors.

James the Hat and I will be joining various band members on Saturday 12th march at the College of Piping for the first semi-final of the Knockout contest. John Patrick versus Angus MacColl. That’s a pint you owe me Melissa for mentioning this. I will be writing a review of the decor in the hall.

Cannae wait..



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