Bagpipes and Headbangers

Saturday night saw us in the Glenleven Inn, Kilbarchan for an Albert fundraiser. Mrs Broon’s man had arranged a top Status Quo tribute band to entertain us. Ticket sales for these events are notoriously easy but there are always fears of eighty folk asking for tickets and ten turning up. No worries about that as the pub was filling up nicely. Status Quoing played a well mixed selection of Status Quo classics and more recent material, anyone not clapping along was singled out by the lead singer and shown how to do it properly, two inches from the end of their noses. Mags nearly jumped out of her skin.

KPB let their hair down, metaphorically in the case of James the Hat, at this over 18 event and some joined in with the travelling Headbangers after a few sherbets. These guys were at the Rhino Edwards fundraiser last year and had generously brought their air guitars along to help support us again. The guy with the prosthetic arm and wooden guitar deserves a mention for dedication to his art.  They went mental when KPB pipers joined on Burning Bridges, dancing as well as headbanging.

Well done all the raffle winners, the guy with one arm won two bottles of booze which he dealt with with aplomb, much to Mikey’s annoyance. I think he thought he was going to juggle them. The buffet was of massive proportions and wondrous elements. Imagine the biggest, bestest buffet you can. It was better. And bigger. So huge there was enough left to feed the band after practice the following night and cowp plate loads on a sleeping dog.

With Status Quoing back on after the feast the night got hot and sticky as KPB and friends danced, bounced and headbanged into the wee small hours, James the Hat even dusted of his own air guitar. The total raised for the Albert Fund was over £1100, a massive thank you is due Status Quoing and Graham Brown, this was their baby. These things don’t organise themselves and we owe a huge debt to everyone who helped and those who came along.

We are competing at the GWOS Solo and Full Band competition in Coatbridge on Saturday.

Cannae wait..

PS can somebody take this man home



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