Coatbridge Indoors

This blog is all hearsay and rumour. I wasn’t there but my spies were, meticulously forgetting everything that happened.

The venue is the same as last year (GWOS 2015) but they have jammed the full band competitors in with the solo guys which they didn’t do last year. I’ve no idea why as it’s a huge school. This causes friction and there were some stony silences exchanged along with pointed looking. James the hat is today’s Drone Monkey with Clock providing the photos. Pipey has had a calendar issue and is being trained in from Perth Races for the event. So it’s no surprise that the Gods of Piping have decreed that today he will have a nightmare getting the chanters set and that his pipers will forget how to blow. I do believe he even ‘lost the heid’ at one point and bawled out the pipe corps. The drummers complain we spent too long tuning anyway so this must have been torture.

The temperature is in the ‘taps aff’ range when our wilting pipe band marched in and formed a perfect egg, the front row of spectators were nearly inside the ovoid with the tenors and Basso. There were a lot of youngsters and adult learners playing and they did well but missed being shouted at by Neil.

However a fifth in Grade 4 and 3 isn’t to be sniffed at, the drum corps did exceptionally well again and I fear that this could lead to more shouting from the Pipey before Gourock a week on Sunday. Look out your capes.

Cannae wait



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