Of Mice and Pensioners

A 4:45am Saturday wake up is fairly unheard of, I have been known to get home after drinking James the Hat’s whisky about then. This however was a call for help from Clydeport, they had a ship arriving at 6am and no band to welcome them. Not just any ship; Disney Magic was on route. Continue reading Of Mice and Pensioners


Lilias Day 2016

My 8 o’clock rise was not as much of an inconvenience as the nights the Unelected Social Committee spent sticking raffle tickets on teddy bears. After an omelette to sustain me I headed to Mick and Jo’s to pick up the Event Shelters and children’s furniture for our bottle and teddy stall. People stood slack jawed as I piled everything into the cavernous maw of the Ford Tardis and crawled to the park. Continue reading Lilias Day 2016