Closed Season

We have been a bit quiet in the last month or so but seismic changes are afoot and the shoogly foundations are being strengthened, deepened and in some cases encased in concrete and thrown off the pier at Greenock. Having pushed that metaphor too far I’d better explain. We have binned the MAP set from the last 3 years. There were two reasons for this,

  1. We were bored rigid by it
  2. The drum score was torture

But on top of a new fresh set of tunes we have asked people that know stuff to help us. Everything we thought we knew is being challenged and new ideas are being coupled with traditional materials and techniques in the search for the ‘sound’. If there’s an easy reed in it for me I’m sanguine.

We also seem to be overflowing in children, I’d say knee deep in them but some of them are huge. The number of kids has grown exponentially and they seem to have bonded as a group after the RSPBA summer and autumn schools and are starting to give ‘lip’ to their elders. Many parents have been sooked in by that odd osmosis that pipe bands have and are now learning tenor drums and pipes; cocktail making as well I believe.

We said goodbye to a staunch supporter of the band; Archie Wallace passed away and we will miss his stark criticism and acerbic humour. Archie was in bands man and boy and Craig Munro piped him to his grave, he will be greatly missed. We also have lost a few players and we wish them all the best, we’ll see you in competition if you’re still playing and hope you’re not too bored at the weekend if you’re not.

The legacy of France is still with us and we’re preparing to give a presentation on our visit, I think there is a consensus that if we’re doing this then let’s do it really well. All donations of bells and whistles gratefully accepted. There is a meeting in Habbies on 25th at 8pm

The chill in the air means our annual Ceilidh is just around the corner and that means Remembrance Day isn’t far away and that’s the closed season over. Pipers should start practicing for 10 minutes a day with their hands in the freezer to acclimatise.

Next up is the Fancydress Ceilidh, I’ll be away seeing Loudon Wainwright III.

Cannae wait..


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