Seasonings Greetings

Our metamorphosis continues; to be a competent competition winning band, not a giant insect.The changes in equipment and attitude that have been suggested are beginning to show signs of bearing fruit. One of the suggestions was that my bag needed seasoning, the picture in my head at the time was of me sprinkling my pipes with salt and pepper and stuffing herbs in the drones.

At next practice Pipey handed me a suspicious bottle and a page of instructions. So you read the instructions, look at the bottle, read the instructions again, look at the bottle warily, open it and sniff, read the instructions as delaying tactics, get your pipes ready and bung the bottle in the microwave, give it a shake and pour into the bag while reading the instructions. Give it a good sloosh about as per the instructions and pour back into the bottle. This is one more step on the way to mastering the maintenance of this instrument. And what a difference it makes to the playability of the pipes when the air only comes out through the reeds.My handless inability to play the new MSR is still causing hilarity among the youth however; the application of hours of practice will resolve this. Eventually.

Our Christmas party was attended by a myriad of small children, the Aunties and Santa. In reply to the the question, “So? Who are all these weans?” Pipey replied, “Band weans, they’re all learning.” We appear to be well placed for the future if even half of these guys stick it. The Unelected Social Committee had provided a huge range of sweeties and juice to inject some sugar buzz into them and the party games were very boisterous. There were a goodly selection of Christmas jumpers on display, Tweedie had a very muted one and the Medic appeared to be wearing the same one but inside out; or was it the other way round. I was being good until the Blesséd Helen arrived with a wee handbag sized bottle of Glenmorangie and poured me a huge dram in a crystal plastic cup, oaft! I’ve no idea if James the Hat singing Dominick the Donkey was real or imagined but it is the Pipey’s favourite Christmas song.

There were a few other surprises; Douglas in a XXL Christmas Tee shirt that drowned him but looked very fetching gathered at the waist with a belt and the presentation of Wee Rubber’s polo shirt with her name on, a present from the band. At 8:30 the hall is locked up and the adults grown ups older people head over the road to Habbies for a small sensation. The Treasurer waits for Big Davey to buy a round before setting up the kitty, we greet the late arrivals and settle in for the evening before singing Happy Birthday to Derek who is a big boy now and can get the stabilisers off of his bike. A very pleasant evening ensued but I headed for the door when I heard triple vodkas being mentioned as I was driving the next day. Thanks to Habbies for putting up with us.

Christmas present


Kilbarchan Pipe Band wish you all the blessings of the season and a prosperous New Year

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