State of the Blog; 2016

Happy New Year, Bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr, Feliz año nuevo, 明けましておめでとうございます to you all. (I fully expect to be castigated for my shocking translations) The party hats have been put away for another year the big lad in the red suit has been the bells have rung and it’s time for the annual look at the stats.

The fact anyone is interested in the doings of a Grade 4B pipe band is a constant astonishment to me but the figures show a growing audience. The United Kingdom is still where most of our visitors reside but since the summer trip to Picardy the French and Germans have knocked Japan out of the top five for the first time. We’re still big in Japan just bigger on the Continent. We have 1,113 unique subscribers and 2,917 unique visitors who viewed 5,734 posts; up 1,500 on 2015.. Thanks guys!  We are now read in 36 countries including Angola which I’m quite chuffed about.

Our cast of characters continues to grow and nicknames evolve over time the one constant is spelling everyone’s name wrong if at all possible which annoys Isy no end.

We have some brilliant memories of 2016 and we met some interesting and excellent new friends in the course of our wanderings. Our trophy haul was meager this year which hurt but we’re working on it and we hope to give the judges a wee surprise this coming season.

The next few months hold nothing but hard work as the pipers and drummers grapple with the new tunes and equipment but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy I’ve heard said so Pipey arranged for a select few (the skint and the friendless) to play at a wedding on Hogmanay, this was a posh affair and I fully expect to see my picture in ‘Hello’ magazine or at the least ‘Country Life’. Pipey then led an elite team of drinkers to the Clippens Inn to pipe in the New Year I did the same in my street but all the neighbors were watching the fireworks on the telly and never heard me.

I wish you all a prosperous and happy new year, next up is some indoor thing somewhere in March.

Cannae wait..

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