A group of ladies in 70's and 80's style fancy dress

Step into March

February, for being the shortest month didnae half hang about, it felt about 6 weeks long and  I need a rest. If it’s not practices it’s gazing at daffodils, rock gigs or disco dancing.

The Ladies held their Mamma Mia night in KPAC and men were only permitted to be involved in moving tables and other brain work. The tickets, posters and decorations designed themselves. I was having some of the same reservations I’d had about the Beetle Drive; Pipe Band people raising money from Pipe Band people and a concern we might be drawing to frequently from the same well in our fundraising efforts.

Wrong again! Thank you Ladies of Kilbarchan and surrounding villages for turning up in such numbers and for getting into the spirit of the evening. Our only male witness to the night was  the AV guy working the desk and his Mum has sworn him to secrecy but rumours have been circulating that they were up dancing on the stage during the film and that tables were stress tested. When I arrived with a wheelbarrow to retrieve my wife she shouted at me over the throb of the music, “Has Andrew turned the sound off yet?” Deaf drunk, new concept. Well done Mags for getting dressed up in the antique theme, she had to buy a costume the rest of them just dipped back into their wardrobes and what an  array of leg warmers, sequined catsuits and silver dresses were on display.

It would have been possible at the end of the night to track Wee Rubber back to her house by following the trail of cheese and sequins she dropped enroute.

Anyway I registered a complaint as the guys had done a lot of work on this event, had none of the fun and tons of the cleaning up. It’s to be a Grease Night sometime in April and guys you better look out your T-Birds jackets and hassle the Unelected Pink Lady Committee for an invite.

The Gin Society (KPB in slacks) have been invited by the General Society (Local Charity) to a Gin and Whisky Tasting evening which can only get messy. Pipey will be trying Lager in a variety of different shaped glasses.

Sanquhar looms. We have been working hard on the new MAP set  and sometimes it seems we are going backwards. Integrating new pipe tunes and drum scores is bother enough but integrating new personnel (I hate that word) is always fraught. Personalities and egos can clash, we have a few new members but none of them has done anything daft enough to get a mention on here. At the moment we are working  hard and the long term guys are trying to up their game to meet Pipey’s expectations.  I keep expecting a tap on the shoulder and a nice man telling me I’ve been found out.

With regret I announce the retirement from piping of  band stalwart Ian Montgomery. We will miss his gentle humour and quiet forbearance at practice. This means The Birler is now Grandad of the band unless he can prove Peter is older, I can see birth lines being demanded. All the best for the future Ian and we’ll see you out and about.

Sanquhar, a couple of weeks..

Cannae wait..

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