Achi Baba Parade

Just a short note on our outing to Gourock on the 8th of July to support the Argyll Association’s remembrance parade. The weather was threatening but this is usual in Gourock.

We were first invited to this event last year and the Association gracefully asked us back to help honour the 300 men of Inverclyde who died  in Turkey 103 years and those of more recent wars. Read more about it HERE

We had a fare sprinkling of the young; Emily,  Grant, Wee Mel, Scooby and the young at heart; Me, James the Hat, Wee Rubber, Big Mick and Pipey to march the Awd Sodjirs to the War Memorial. After james the Hat had gone through a no entry sign and parked up  the work began of badgering Alan into playing Johnnie Cope; he’d foolishly mentioned he’d played it years ago.

The joy of marching on the street and playing keeps me volunteering for these events, I really cannot think of anything more enjoyable with your shoes on. After a dry and incident free march we did some very unmilitary shoogling about to get into position to march off after the service. A quick glance along the line during the hymn showed up all the heathens who didn’t know the tune. I found the service drowned out by the traffic and even as I strained to hear the Chaplain I could see younger heads getting bored. Pipey played the Lament and Alan played Reveille. (A never to be reprised unique rendition of Johnnie Cope) It sounded good from where I was standing. The Lord Lieutenant took the Salute from the steps of the Town Hall.

Later, in an undisclosed location, after I’d bought a couple of beers before the free tab was opened and during the buffet Grant ordered a glass of milk and James the Hat and I glanced at each other and simultaneously said, “Get off your horse and drink your milk,” in true Rooster Cogburn style. The Duke enjoyed his milk and departed while some of us abandoned our cars and settled in for the long haul.

Much later Hazel Tenor arrived to pick me n The Hat up but somewhere along the day we lost 4 hours, I cannae take 4 hours to get from Greenock to Pipey’s house in a taxi, I think we went via Brigadoon.

Next up, The Scottish in Dumbarton, which I won’t miss this year.

Cannae wait..


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