Winter Statement

That’s us well into February and although we have given ourselves a mountain to climb in learning 30 odd tunes for Music Show Scotland and perfecting the new MAP set we can still be seen out and about at shows, concerts, gigs, Burns suppers and well mostly Burns suppers. James the Hat and I would like to have a Pipe Band Burns supper some year because three in three weeks isn’t enough.

We don’t have any engagements as a band during January but many of our pipers were out and about ‘piping in the haggis’ and enjoying a complimentary dram. I played in The Orange Tree, Chelmsford and get the prize for furthest away, Mickey Blue Eyes played at the General Society and Whisky Society and gets the prize for playing the most, even playing for the singing. And this year James the Hat and I unleashed our Burns recitation skills on the world, performing Tam O Shanter and Holy Willie’s Prayer. Not at the same time. We now represent the Complete Burns Package; piping, toasting , reciting, eating and drinking.

A man playing bagpipes wearing a kilt leads a man dressed as a chef carrying a haggis on a plate

Here we see Mickey Blue Eyes in the process of leading a haggis to the slaughter. James the Hat provided the coup de
grĂ¢ce and cut it up wi ready slicht

The Haggis!

Many of the guys were out and about during Celtic Connections catching performances, bothering Robert Robertson and disgracing themselves in the Park Bar. Many fled the country and the piping apostate Mrs Broon got her new drum. All she has to do now is master walking and hitting it. Mickey Blue Eyes may have to be renamed Mighty Blue Eyes after he burst his sheepskin pipe bag, I’m sure that after a proper period of mourning he’ll get a new one.

Other than the constant practice there is nothing happening but it’s only seven weeks until competition time.

Cannae wait..

One thought on “Winter Statement”

  1. Just found this, great to hear all the usual madness is continuing – hope to catch up with you all at some point this year.

    Keep up the blogs Stephen, gave me a giggle!

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