Spring has sprung

With nothing pipe bandy happening until late March and a hankering for a bit of a social interaction that didn’t involve me remembering musical phrases the announcement that your man Stuart Liddell was playing a solo gig in Kilbarchan hit the spot.

Bagpipe Recital

The afternoon of March 9th saw me and James the Hat at Kilbarchan’s premier Boolin Club setting up audio equipment, moving tables and drinking beer. The excitement was building so we had another pint to calm down. How Stuart Liddell came to be playing in Kilbarchan Bowling Club remains a bit of a mystery to me, I know our Lead Drummer had just about everything to do with it but the details are vague.

The night started well, our guests were arriving and the Teuchter playlist on my Spotify was setting the tone when suddenly the kitchen lights went out. Mags got quite upset because a bloke waltzing across the floor with a step ladder wasn’t on her risk assessment.

A hush descended on the room as the great man strode onto the floor, heezed up his bag and began all that brr a eee brum, brum, twiddle twiddle brree that solo pipers do to make you guess when the tune starts. After a few sets of tunes you could see that the reverential silence and polite applause were starting to get to him so he invited folk up for a Gay Gordans. I have video of Wee Rubber and the Hat and a few others being led round the floor by the Pied Piper but you’ll have to wait til the end of the season to see it.

PM Big Gordy was there and I bought him a whisky but I might still owe him a pint; hmm, I’m not sure about the nuances, procedures and protocols of pint reimbursement.

A word to the bar staff (Emma): when a solo piper turns up with his bagpipes, at a bagpipe recital, don’t be surprised if he plays bagpipe music all night, it’s not like he has a Paul McCartney hiding in the toilet just waiting to burst out and join in on Mull of Kintyre. That aside we had a wonderful night and Stuart spent the tail end of the night chatting and posing for pictures. James the Hat won a practice chanter in the raffle which I think he’s using as a straw.


The road to Sanquhar was shut so another wander around the leadhills was required to get us to our first competition. The weather was bright and I was drappt, so was the Hat and we had devised an alternative plan for the day; Laphroaig breakfast, bacon roll, watch bands in Grade 4B, look for war graves then the pub. I watched all the bands in our grade and the standard of playing across the group made calling a winner a hard job. After a bacon roll (3 rashers) and a coffee (milk and 2) James the Hat and I went to investigate the War Graves, we found seven in the Church Yard. There is only so much time you can spend looking at graves so we headed to the Nithsdale for a pint of Sanquhar Ale.

The raffle at this years Indoors was immense, the takings by KPB were not too shoddy. I won a bagpipe case stuffed with Mini Eggs, Emily got a new chanter and others won various books, bags and smellies. The bus trip home was by the less hilly route and a huge buffet was waiting for us in the Bowling Club. A grand day out with just one small fly in the ointment.

Daily metaphor

The Titanic slips beneath the waves. By a Sanquhar Academy pupil

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