Quality Man

Wow! Where did October go? I’ve decided to go for a truncated report on the tail end of the season and tie in a few of the other things that have been going on while I’ve been distracted and otherwise engaged.

Cowal Highland Gathering

Traditionally our end of season extravaganza and traditionally an early start with breakfast rolls we headed out of Kilbarchan an hour late as even bus drivers don’t get up that early. The weather forecast was for storms and the crossing to Dunoon was subsequently interesting. More than a few people thought they were going to be reacquainted with their breakfast before we got to Hunters Quay.

The park was a picture of Scottish winter, winds howled and rains poured, it took the bulk of the band to wrestle the Event Shelters into place. I forgot the milk so was sent to the Co, a walk just long enough to get wet through. Everything I had on was wet, even my leather hat was dripping on the inside.

I actually played, marched out into the arena, turned into the circle and played my heart out as steam rose from my kilt in the suddenly blazing sunlight. I didn’t last. During one performance the wind swooped in and wrecked the park, tents a brollies everywhere. We watched a gazebo fly over the roof of a hall and another get lifted up turned over and dumped on the ground in a mess of broken poles. During the wait between events we practiced plashing about in puddles. James the Hat and I dragged Mickey Blue Eyes for a birthday pint, we only realised it was his birthday later when cakes were produced and covered in grass (old Linwood tradition apparently).

Grassy cakes

The march past was damp but fruitful however everyone was gearing up for the street parade. This year we donned the masks and capes of Super Heroes and won the hearts and minds and large cash prizes of the people.

Seasons End Party

Started quietly enough.

Isy the Hat


Very messy.

James the Hat in big pants and a tasseled bra messy.

Onward and Upward

The band have been busy in the band room with the usual run of winter projects; working on timing issues and the basics. 2019 was our best season so far with fifth place in two major competitions and numerous prizes in local events but Pipey wants more. We continue to play for the cruise ships at Clydeport and have provided bands for Erskine Hospital Military Ball. We played a concert in the village square and I managed to surpass myself in ineptitude and big blooters, I wasn’t alone. We were to play at the opening of the annual Mod but the weather intervened. The end of Mod ceilidh was a quiet affair, Hazel Tenor and I were absent but I hear Wee Mel drank our share. We did play for the massed choir on the Saturday morning and as usual it was sublime.

We’ll see you for Remembrance Sunday..

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