An end of things

It all went a bit quiet in the last few weeks, you can only pretend that everything is getting back to normal soon for so long, the rich vein of creativity that kept our Facebook timeline a must visit page seems mined out. The nights are fare drawin’ in.

This weekend marks the end of the outdoor competition season and it’s customary to have a look back at the highlights of said season. Most of the highlights this year happened on t’internet; the hard work of Hiddles and Eden stitching the ‘practice’ videos together, all the fake competition videos with KPB taking first place, the Websergeant seeing how many different videos he could make with the same clips in a different order. Band members appearing on the national news, the Thursday clap for the NHS that nearly all members contributed to and the mini-band parading at the Death Star for the NHS birthday.

We seem to be in a reasonable shape, while it’s true that the cruise ships and big fund raisers got cancelled the steady generosity of members has kept us solvent. Couple that to not having to hire buses and the drummers breaking less stuff than usual and we should hit the ground marching next season.

There have been other startling revelations, I don’t like gardening. If I did my garden would not be the state it is with the time I had, Grant Mc has the perfect voice for announcing at RSPBA events and you’re meant to put lemonade in Cheeky Vimto.

I need to mention the various events that we were going to win this year; that’s the really galling thing, we really were going to compete this year, Pipey wanted silverware and was pushing hard. It would be easy to just list the events but that doesn’t even get close to how much heartache has been caused by there cancellation to the organisers, I really feel for the Lilias Committee who have had a dreadful run of luck in the last few years. Lilias Day is our big shop window event in the village as we’re away galavanting most weeks and people can’t see us parade.

One of the problems we face when the next chapter begins is getting people back to practice, folk have found other things to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays and especially Saturdays and Sundays in the summer. Some found out they actually quite liked spending time with their spouse and families, others have taken up a second instrument, old hobbies have been revisited. It’s going to be a massive wrench to have to resubmit to the iron discipline of band timetables. A young piper, who shall remain Abbi, said she needs 2 weeks notice to get back into physical shape to play any more than 8 bars once through.

With the competition season put to bed it’s now time for the social events and parties to fall foul of the Covid restrictions, unless we work out a program of adoptions it’s going to be hard to meet the three families rule.

Next up isn’t the barbecue

Ya Boo Sucks..

One thought on “An end of things”

  1. As always, a very articulate summing up of where we all are.
    But it ends on a note of optimism: onwards and upwards!
    All the best

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