Covid Strikes Back

Praise where it’s due, we have not had a major Covid outbreak in the band even though we have been meeting regularly indoors for ages. I think we can thank everyone for taking it seriously and to Ma McGeachy and Little Boots for coordinating the checking and recording of tests.

However we now appear to be having a major outbreak, one player at a time. Thankfully there have been no serious infections and no hospitalisations. I had always wondered if the positive test slowly and tantalisingly revealed itself, gradually appearing below the thick Control line and was astonished when I took the test, placed it on the worktop, turned round and turned back and it was lit up like a two bar fire. BOOM! Baws on the slates, isolate, do not pass GO do not collect £200. I then devolved into a creature of mucus and misery.

I returned to practice after the requisite number of days hiding away and a couple of negative tests to discover that I hadn’t the energy to play more than a couple of tunes really badly. There is a period of lassitude after a Covid infection that sucks out all your physical and mental fortitude and leaves you weak as a kitten. I’ve heard a few pipers remarking on the amount of work required to get back to match fit.

Alternatively admit your weakness and ask Pipey for a really easy reed.

With the 2022 season fast approaching we do not want to have to pull out of competitions due to lack of available players, so lets keep a decent level of infection control in place whatever the Government say we should or shouldn’t be doing

Wee Gourock.

Cannae wait..

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