Red Hot Pipers

Another sign of life returning to normal is the return of pipe bands playing for the lucky passengers of cruise ships visiting Greenock, I’m sure it sounds very upmarket in foreign tongues, Ockverdé?

We get to see some beautiful works of engineering up close while being applauded and getting in some well vital practice. It’s a nil-sum gain or some such. Especially on sunny days like today with the blessed offshore breeze mitigating the worst of the heat, right up until the band started playing and the wind died. Roasting’.

I think we need to start looking at the uniforms bands wear going forward. We are entering an era of ever increasing temperatures and I’m afraid dogged adherence to everyone happed in wool is going to result in prostration. I’m not talking about Bermuda shorts and bikinis here but how would a silk kilt sit, it might take bit of getting used to, or a linen jacket over your micromodal waistcoat and cotton shirt. If the temperature is set to rise maybe a salwar chemise or keffieh and long tunics or robes is the answer. It’s always easier to pull someones leg if its sticking out of a kilt though.

Next up is the inaugural Renfrew Pipe Band Competition in Robertson Park.

Cannae wait

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