A cartoon of a bagpipe full of red wine with bottles for drones and chanter

Felice Navidad

Merry Christmas everyone, the big day is over and it’s turkey sandwiches and cold sprouts for the foreseeable future. The band have been working hard on the new tunes Pipey wants mastered but tradition dictates a pause over the festive period so we can forget them and concentrate on Auld Lang Syne and tunes for the dancing.

This year we had a band Christmas party and thanks go to the Boolin Club for putting up with us, again. Thanks to Kodie for my Christmas present, I love it. DJ Andrew provided the tunes after a fight with the antique sound system and the night was a swinging success although it did feature the worst Dashing White Sergeant ever witnessed, 3 people bobbing and twirling.

As this was a ticketless event there was no food provided and I thought a couple of bags of posh crisps would keep me on my feet and impress my less organised bandmates, I could maybe event let them have a crisp in a fit of largess. Then Auntie Dot turned up with the Feed the Five Thousand Luxury Banquet Buffet Hamper, all charcuterie, Scotch eggs and peeled grapes. It made my actual dinner look boring.

It took a while to get the dancers on the floor but a traditional Cha Cha Slide did the business.

James the Hat commented a few days later that he had enjoyed the Highland Schottische but Mickey Blue Eyes said that he had been dancing the schottische and had no idea what the Hat was dancing as he had to be picked up three times. Another roaring success with some of the newer members being introduced to the Party Band.

After a hiatus of two years we are again hosting the Waifs and Strays hogmanay party with the Bowling Club, the party for people who don’t have a party to go to but before that it’s over the hills to Stewarton for the Fire Parade and trying not to get burnt.

In other news we had a cold but enjoyable time at Asda Linwood playing for the shoppers and beginning the work of raising the cash to pay for uniforms. We also sent pipers to escort Santa through the village and sent a crack team of coffee drinkers to the Gaelic School. I would just like to say that my stint as Bass Drummer was for one night only and I won’t be reprising it until my back stops aching, I reckon that with a bit of practice I could get a tune out of it.

Why not come see us being chased up the street by a fire wielding mob.

Cannae wait..


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