Welcome to KPB.blog

Welcome to our Blog. This is a not too serious record of what we have been up to out there in the big bad world of Pipe Bands.

Kilbarchan Pipe Band are a village band from beautiful Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland. in 2015 we became a registered charity # SC045878. KPB formed in 2002 and filled a void in the social and musical life of the village that had existed since the disbanding of the original highly regarded band 20 years prior. KPB began competing a wheen of years ago in Grade 4b with mixed results yet remain Kilbarchan’s premier street band with a varied membership and range of abilities. KPB welcome anyone with an interest in learning Pipes and Drums regardless of race or creed.

We are constantly raising funds to pay for instruments and uniforms if you would like to help please click the button

8 thoughts on “Welcome to KPB.blog”

  1. 23:10 6/7/21
    Your home website is suspect for some technical reason, beyond me. My device is behaving like Tam’s Meg, approaching Kirk Alloway.
    Never been so before, but I have not visited for some time.
    Any idea or assurance?
    John Schofield.

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Registered Charity SC045878

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