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A village based Pipe Band in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Kilbarchan Pipe Band has a strong family ethos and commitment to achieving the best from all our members. Putting music back at the heart of the communty.

Cross Dressing Night

In every society there is a festival where the societal norms are put away for the day;  Hadaka Matsuri in Japan, La Tomatina in Spain, the Wicker Man etc. We in Kilbarchan Pipe Band have for the last few years had to endure the antics of James the Hat at the Fancy Dress Cèilidh. Continue reading Cross Dressing Night


Paisley, Pipes, pubs n parties

Paisley is our local competition, this small competition is getting bigger every year or would do if everyone registered turned up. The sound of the pipes and drums breaking off of the flagstones isn’t replicated at any other competition I’ve attended and the location in the town centre means maximum economic boost to the local shops and not the usual suspects in burger vans. Continue reading Paisley, Pipes, pubs n parties