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IV- A Newish Hope

What a difference a week makes. Suddenly the world isn’t looking as dreich and gloomy, the longed for return to practice and socialising is now very much on the cards for next spring; earlier if we can convince Boris that bagpipers are key workers.

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All quiet on the piping front

It’s been six months since the pipe corps met and we now look at the NHS mini marchpast with the wry grin of someone doing something they know they shouldn’t have. The tuition of pipers and drummers continues via t’internet and just when it looked like a return to practice with caveats could possible, maybe, just about happen the portcullis slams down and we’re back to square one.

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Look what you could’ve won

The last clap for the NHS was the last wheeze of the strictly strict social distancing and isolating before the country moved into the next phase of lockdown which permitted some shops to open, drummers to meet up for a practice in the Public Park and myself, James the Hat and the Medic to meet for a beer in Habbies beer garden.

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Reflections on 2019

2019 began with bagpipes, dancing and camaraderie and looks set to depart in a similar manner. There have been huge changes to the social fabric of the band with new characters arriving and some well loved friends departing. I’m told this is the way in the world of Pipe Bands, it’s transitory and people move between bands looking for something fresh.

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Winter Statement

That’s us well into February and although we have given ourselves a mountain to climb in learning 30 odd tunes for Music Show Scotland and perfecting the new MAP set we can still be seen out and about at shows, concerts, gigs, Burns suppers and well mostly Burns suppers. James the Hat and I would like to have a Pipe Band Burns supper some year because three in three weeks isn’t enough.

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