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Late Worlds Week

After apologising to James the Hat for traducing his name by association it’s time for a wee report on Piping Live and the influx of pipers and drummers to Glasgow. Continue reading Late Worlds Week


Scotland in Miniature

The bus left really early, the ferry to Arran is always busy on Brodick Games day with kilties, wee dancer lassies in hair nets and Crocks™ and the regular round of ramblers, golfers, Canadians, cyclists and chanty wrestlers. Continue reading Scotland in Miniature

Bling and burgers

A joint entry to try and get me up to date

The weather running up to Lilias Day was preternaturally sunny and fine so there were no surprises when the weather apps showed big black clouds and lightning for the big day. I didn’t care as I was to be wafted up the road in a big posh car pumping fumes and particulates onto my red faced and choking bandmates. Continue reading Bling and burgers