Work in progress

After the less than salubrious results and scathing comments of last season the leadership of the band have shown a determination to improve standards across the whole range of band activities. The tuiton has been tightened and focused, the learners now know what is expected. Playing members have not escaped the changes and a drive to perfect the basics is having a steady improvement on the sound of the band. No place for complacency thought as can be heard when older tunes are played and all the old habits come to the fore, sloppy embellishments, ragged rolls and a roundness to the tunes. There is still a lot of hard work to go before the start of the 2012 season of street performances and competitions but if it makes you better at something you love to do then that can’t be a bad thing.
The pipe section are getting to grips with technical problems on the instruments that should improve the consistency of the sound, make the PM’s job easier and make sure the pipers have no excuse for bad blowing.
The changes to the uniform will surprise some as it’s amazing the difference such small changes can make.
It’s March already so lets all get knuckled down and get practising.
Gourock in the rain this year? Cannae wait.

Ceilidh et al

The ceilidh is now over and the hangovers have almost been forgotten. The mighty Clamjamfrie were fantastic as always and the Glenleven Inn did use proud with a splendid buffet. Thanks to Kilbarchan Bowling Club for the use of their hall and bar staff. I think the consensus is that this was the best one so far.
Away from the social scene the members are working hard to perfect a new set of 6/8’s and a MAP set for competition next spring. Sounds from the adult learners and kids practice room are sounding really encouraging and the new practice regime put in place after the AGM seems to be bearing early fruit. send best wishes to our drum tutor after his recent operation and hope he has a speedy recovery.
We move into December with 2 gigs on the calender, Erskine Hospital and the turning on of the Christmas tree lights both very special to the band. It’s always a pleasure to play at Erskine for the auld sodjers and the Village lights are a hoot. Go’n yirsel big George. Better get the fairy lights for my bass drone looked out. Cannae wait!

The season is over (2011)

The bandsmen and women put the 2011 season to bed in fine form with a BBQ and social evening in the Glenleven Inn, Kilbarchan. The pub provided a slap up meal for all who attended. The bouncy castle was a huge success with the adults and the children who braved the bouncing mayhem. Well done to the Self Appointed Social Committee for the 2011 Awards ceremony (I can see this becoming a tradition) and to all who entertained us with their singing. We just need the lead tip to workout how to get the photos to the Websergeant and we can all laugh at the PM in his hula skirt. Thanks to all the band supporters who turned out to eat fantastic food and get drunk (It’s a hard job following a pipe band). The night finished with KPB singing Calum Kennedy in 3 part harmony.
The beer bottles are hardly away and work has begun on the tunes for next year. The Autumn quiz and the ceilidh hove into view and details will be posted here as soon as Derek gives me the info or writes a post on here himself. Cannae wait!

Arran Highland Games

The band attended the Arran Highland Games Sat 6th Aug, this is not a competition but a fun day out for KPB. A short trip by bus and boat saw us getting tuned up at Brodick harbour and then setting off on the none too arduous march to Ormodale Park. The band members played in 2 street marches and 2 massed band marches. The day was warm, chaotic and hugely enjoyable. The people of Arran made us very welcome and by the time we had to leave we were well impressed and hoping for an invite back next year