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Stewarton Bonnets 2022

Stewarton Bonnet Parade is a three-day event that involves the Corsehill Queen and her attendants, street marches, floats and an act of remembrance. It’s a big deal in this small Ayrshire town. If you own a Glengarry bunnet check inside, there is a good chance it was made in Stewarton. Normally boring old Kilbarchan Pipe Band fill the piping slot but this year multi championship winning Kilbarchan Pipe Band rocked up and did the honours.

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Oirland 2022

This blog will be full of second hand stories, supposition and stuff I made up. So nothing new there then. I was booked on the bus , boat and accommodation and had even paid the pennies and put my name on the list but a family tragedy engulfed me and I had to step back as some things just take precedence.

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