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British Pipe Band Championship 2015

It has all the hallmarks of a memorable day; bright and dry. Even this early Brian is on the bus handing out fines for various misdemeanours; missing kit, late arrival and forgetting the box to collect the fines in. Continue reading British Pipe Band Championship 2015


British Championship 2014

The first “major” of the season and we have been working hard, the disappointment of Gourock has been forgotten and the band as in mellow mood as we embarked for Bathgate. Then the bus driver took us on the school run because that’s the route she knows and we knew it was going to be an eventful day. We visited a housing estate and had to rely on the satnav skills of Mr S McKay to get us to the show on time. An executive decision was made and the legendary Event Shelter was abandoned in favour of using the bus as a base of operations, so without further ado we set up camp and began sunbathing. Continue reading British Championship 2014