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Alas! Poor Wilbur.

Even on days with no competitions I’m up early. Saturday morning finds me outside Pipe Band HQ, not quite sober from last night’s exertions and trying to focus on the man who is delivering our pig. Continue reading Alas! Poor Wilbur.


2015 Barbeque

Why is it always assumed I want to put up tents?

I’m here anyway putting up the Event Shelter and it all goes surprisingly smoothly until we decide (Isy decides) we need the wee gazebo over the decking. This isn’t one of your Pop-up, 30 second, shazaam, it’s done, jobs. An erection manual is required, very much required, as are four people to hold things and a supervisor. The whole thing is guyed down and secured using unpickable knots and we discover that the party is inside the pub anyway. Continue reading 2015 Barbeque