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Cèilidhs and Poppies

The words ‘Fancy Dress’ were added to ‘Annual Cèilidh’ in a fit of mischief by our new Drum Sergeant, Stewart, who likes to spread panic and fear. Our annual shindig is always on the same night each year, we arrange it to clash with the Scouts’ Firework display, we have our reasons. Continue reading Cèilidhs and Poppies

Hibernate ’til May, aye right!

The Pipe Band season finishes for us at the Barbeque and that should be it; pipes cleaned and put away, everything else cleaned and polished and stowed until required. An email arrives from Pipey to that effect also warning us to warm up our practice chanters and pads as we have work to do. Pity the bottom hand this winter because we have to sharpen those embellishments.We now embark on a period of working on the street tunes and welcoming and evaluating new playing members. The atmosphere begins to chill and all sense of urgency drains away, Neil lets a sloppy tacum go by without comment and we all sit about waiting for the new tunes. ZZZzzz! Continue reading Hibernate ’til May, aye right!