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Look what you could’ve won

The last clap for the NHS was the last wheeze of the strictly strict social distancing and isolating before the country moved into the next phase of lockdown which permitted some shops to open, drummers to meet up for a practice in the Public Park and myself, James the Hat and the Medic to meet for a beer in Habbies beer garden.

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Where Worlds Collide

Friday of Worlds week used to be the Grade 1 qualifiers when bands from the Antipodes played twice then went home but this year there have been changes and all the bands will play four times over two days and all the results get tallied up. This means a lot of hard work for the Pipeys as they try to hone their sound and keep it. I, however, am in the house waiting for a furniture delivery and looking at the rain glad to not be out in it.

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Live Piping in Glasgow

Everyone should take a weeks holiday in their home town. It’s amazing the things you see when you aren’t rushing along head down with places to be. It’s a real eye opener to see Glasgow as a tourist; the splendid architecture and friendly people, the spectacle and drama a big city and the concerned folk talking to street sleepers. Even the Polis seemed friendly.

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