If there is one thing that is known to people who know things it’s that August goes; Brodick, Worlds, Rothesay, Cowal. Other competitions are available, we went to Bridge of Allan once but that’s another story. Under normal circumstance we’d have stood in the hissing rain in a damp kilt and wet shoes while Pipey set the tempo and I glanced longingly at the Rothesay beer tent just over the barrier through the puddles and up the greasy hill.

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All quiet on the piping front

It’s been six months since the pipe corps met and we now look at the NHS mini marchpast with the wry grin of someone doing something they know they shouldn’t have. The tuition of pipers and drummers continues via t’internet and just when it looked like a return to practice with caveats could possible, maybe, just about happen the portcullis slams down and we’re back to square one.

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