Scottish Scenes

Saturday morning found me being dropped off at the bus at the very civilised time of 10:30 full of croissants and coffee but sans hat or sunscreen as it transpired. The search for a Bluetooth speaker began almost the minute we started moving but wasn’t resolved until we reached Dumbarton and Tiny Bubbles erupted from the bus PA, we know the words now so joined Steak and Kidney for a wee warble. As we approached Dumbarton, under a lowering sky, the DJ had the wheels of steel turning way before we had anyone to intimidate. The phrase, “He got aff at Dalreoch!” sprang to mind.

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Renfrew (inaugural)

As this was a local competition there was no need for a bus and the attendant hilarity that entails. 2022 is the inaugural Renfrew competition and the first thing to say is where has Renfrew been hiding Robertson Park, even in the Scottish summer dreich it was awesome. 

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Stewarton Bonnets 2022

Stewarton Bonnet Parade is a three-day event that involves the Corsehill Queen and her attendants, street marches, floats and an act of remembrance. It’s a big deal in this small Ayrshire town. If you own a Glengarry bunnet check inside, there is a good chance it was made in Stewarton. Normally boring old Kilbarchan Pipe Band fill the piping slot but this year multi championship winning Kilbarchan Pipe Band rocked up and did the honours.

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Gourock, finally

For two years we have tried to put some sort of competition season together; single grade, locked venues or God help us Zoom but the gregarious nature of the participants and the pandemic’s not caring about good intentions closed every avenue. I was looking forward to the Gourock games but I had no idea how much.

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