Cowal over the Rainbow

Once again I find myself apologising for the lateness of a blog but in all honesty I’ve been stressing over the end of season slide show and the Calamity Awards. More on those in a later blog. Cowal. The weather forecast was rotten but it’s Scotland so pack your waterproofs and sunscreen.

When we started going to the Cowal Gathering it was an early early start if you wanted to make the arena on time so we arranged breakfast for everyone on the bus and this would fortify us against monsoons and tidal waves. Even though the bus was at a very civilised quarter to nine tradition dictated that we all get stuffed with bacon rolls, egg for the vegetarians but no breakfast Laphroaig for me or the Hat as we will both be making an appearance in the circle. Adam’s Ale all round.

The route through Dunoon is a test of the coach drivers nerve, I’m sure bands get dumped on the Esplanade when the drivers see the wee car and cone strewn lanes they have to negotiate, our driver proved more than capable to the task. Siting the Big Blue House of Fun is an art, it has to be in just the right place to get noticed but just far enough away that nobody can be bothered walking all that way to visit us.

After everyone had bought their wrist bands we were ready to get started, Pipey and Rab did the business and got us sounding magnificent. I who have been hiding in the back row for decades was thrust blinking into the front row and as we formed up seven across the front I had to master multi tasking fairly quickly. Marching, in step, not too far forward, not too far back, the right distance apart, slowing when Pipey slowed and crushing into a concertina when we marched our seven abreast through a gate that was four abreast.

It went well, Pipey and Rab were pleased. Back at the tent fizzy pop was the order of the day so James the Hat and myself went looking for a Kerry oot, for after the piping. The retired Tenor line had joined us and were soaking up the sun and gin in good measure. The weather had confounded all the forecasts and was blisteringly hot and the camp only stirred from their torpor to get tuned and to play the MSR, both the drone Monkeys were in action as the missing tuner turned up where it was meant to be. Another good run and hugely amusing to see what passes for marching and deportment, I think we need to practice the marching as there are a lot of Scouts in the Corps.

The march past went well with only a few tiny spots of rain to cause anxiety; another best corps of drums and a second place for the whole band and now we are hurrying back to the bus to get changed and get on the street for the Street Parade. With our Wizard of Oz theme and a couple of random members in the shape of John and Fraser Ross we Moving Clouded our way out, realised we were miles from the start so called it a day to conserve the puff. The drummers were having none of this and set up a syncopated samba beat behind us that the crowd loved.

With the Pipe Dorothy and the cast of Oz in the lead we set off playing all the old classics, stopped at the Lorne to use the facilities and play a set then down to the lights at the Commercial Bar for the big band rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow and the Hokey Cokey and a wee Mama Mia for good measure. It was a fine ending to a fine day from an excellent season. All we had to do now was fit everything back on the bus and head for the Boolin Club.

Next up is the Season End Party

Cannae wait..


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