IV- A Newish Hope

What a difference a week makes. Suddenly the world isn’t looking as dreich and gloomy, the longed for return to practice and socialising is now very much on the cards for next spring; earlier if we can convince Boris that bagpipers are key workers.

Since I last wrote, Covid restrictions have been up and down like a fiddlers elbow, Donald Trump has been deselected but appears not to have noticed and another seasonal way marker has passed us by unremarked: the annual cèilidh. The band Zoom party was fun but lacked Big Joe calling the changes and everyone louping about. We dropped the fancy dress aspect last year for reasons I know not but the sight of James the Hat in a big frock is strangely haunting. What I didn’t miss was the throbbing head the next morning and starting to feel like one of The Fallen half way through Flooers O the Forest. I had one can of Dr Tennant’s Puff Enhancer and Fingering Improver the night before and it seemed to do the trick, Linwood Parish Church had never had a piper play on Remembrance Sunday and some say they still haven’t.

James the Hat and Eden represented the band at the war memorial on Armistice day as they joined the other village organisations paying their respects to all those who have fallen in war.

A bagpiper and gentleman in a kilt stand in front of Kilbarchan War Memorial bedecked in wreathes
Hat and Eden at the War Memorial

The big news is the sudden burst of optimism the announcement of a viable vaccine has caused, stock markets have bounced back as the greedy salivate over the predicted profits in 2022 and party people are polishing their brogues and dusting off the cèilidh bands. Can I just say the baw is still on the slates and it’s going to be a wee while before the party band can be let out. I have so far this week heard that you can arrange to have the vaccine from Monday 16th (wrong) and one senile old fart had to be told he’d had his flu jab not the vaccine. I’m a one man really bad tempered information dispenser, every idiot challenged, all conspiracies mocked. Apart from that one about misappropriation of public funds.

What I really loath in these difficult times is the phrase, “in these difficult times” , it’s gone from a fairly accurate description to mealy-mouthed platitude quicker than it takes to say it.

However it’s starting to look like the 2021 pipe band competition season might be a thing in the less stringent times to come and I’ll have a big decision to make.

Next up is the Christmas Fayre cancellation, it’s going to be a cold and lonely Christmas without KPB branded goodies to gift to your social bubble so maybe the catalogue could be shared out (cash up front). Just remember when it says XXL it is XXL, you should see the size of the mugs I got last year.

I’ll see you all on the other side of this Tier 3.

Cannae wait..

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