One more sleep

The pipe band competition season gets underway tomorrow and KPB will be the first band to play in competition in the west of Scotland for two years. No pressure then.

After two years of will we won’t we have a season its finally here and it looks like the Ancient Scots rain gods who have poured their scorn onto Gourock Park for centuries still haven’t noticed us in the Battery Park enjoying the sunshine and dry feet.

As a band we have been working hard right through the pandemic to keep basic competences honed and it’s down to the hard work of Pipey, Wee Mel, Rab and the tutor team that we can head for the line with our tails up. To all those bands struggling to recruit and retain players. Watch and learn.

As we practiced attacks the other night Pipey called the band up short and a drummer asked what had happened, a voice from the wings called, “the Pipers shat themselves they thought Inveraray’s drum corps were marching up behind them.” Head down to Battery Park, Gourock tomorrow to see if we can march this confidence into the circle.

Tomorrow, I know!

Cannae wait..

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